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July 21-23 2017
Somatic Riding® Level 2

In our intermediate level workshop we deepen our discovery in gaining the respect of the horse, building on intuitive communication, clear boundaries, somatic presence and inner attunement. We gather what we have learned on-the-ground to ride bareback on our horse in a moving meditation, when the time is right for both horse & human, honing skills of somatic balance, clear communication, direction and intention. We explore subtle cues and energy, letting go of fears and control and building confidence and trust in ourselves and our horse partner. (Prerequisite Level 1.)


September 1-3, 2017

Somatic Riding® Level 3


Our progressive workshop is designed to strengthen and solidify our learning of Somatic presence in relation to our horse partner. Riding bareback and bitless, we further explore balance, perception and grounded responses. As confidence increases, our horses welcome us there to take us to the next level. Here we explore our own edges, hone our clear communication and ground ourselves in the oneness we dream of in a trusting relationship with our horse partner. As an intuitive process for participants, this workshop is designed for practice and exploration in a safe space, where intuition is validated and confidence in oneself is built. (Prerequisite Levels 1 & 2.)