Equine Guided Empowerment™
Let me be clear about the fact that I am a city dweller with very few encounters with four-legged creatures taller than me. Being an urbanite, I thought humans took hold of the reins and “drove” horses to destinations.  Little did I know that a horse could guide ME to where I wanted to go. This special experience gave me some important insights into my own personal journey. It allowed for the luxury of self-reflection
— Monica Iannessa, Director of Student Services, Palisades Charter High School

Equine Guided Empowerment™ is a unique modality developed through the life-long practice of somatic presence and union with horses of Cassandra Ogier.

Equine Guided Empowerment™ provides opportunities for participants to ground and center holistically though reflection and interaction with horses. Through Somatic Reprogramming™ techniques, participants are guided to align themselves in reclamation of self-governance and authentic leadership, reconnecting to land, ancestry and individuality. Participants experience the ability to regain their voice, advocacy and sense of true-self, so they can commit to their values and unique purpose in the world at a time of global crisis.

Horses are naturally and intrinsically grounded in their own sense of self, their individuality as unique expressive beings, as well as awareness of their oneness in connection to the herd. A single horse is vulnerable, anxious, shut down from freedom through isolation. A horse subjugated to perform at the will of another through domination and control experiences trauma, restriction and a loss of true spirit. When horses are free, we see clearly how they reflect the power and grounded majesty that is their life-rite.

As humans, we can often relate to aspects of cultural subjugation and reflect on living our life for another; a parent, spouse, establishment, for acceptance of a group, community or culture. We can loose sight of our own individual passion, direction, morals and dreams. Equine Guided Empowerment™ offers an occasion to re-align and take action for ourselves and our life-rite in the presence of horses as our spiritual guides.


Program Details


Individual / Private


6 Session Packages; customizable based on goals 

Session Length

1 hr per Session

Other Information:

No riding experience required, all sessions take place on the ground.


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