I wanted something more than I was getting from mainstream natural horsemanship and was instantly drawn to how Cassandra talked about working with horses and her relationship with them. I loved the idea of Somatic Riding and learning to get more quiet within myself and pay attention to the energy in me and around me. I learned to listen more effectively and develop a deeper understanding of how to communicate with horses and how that translates to a different way to look at and approach aspects of life. I was very moved by Cassandra. She is a gifted teacher that balances beautifully the art and sustenance of teaching, when to push and when to step back.
— Dawn Horwitz-Person, Psychotherapist
With my history of childhood trauma and addiction, I’m an expert at disassociation and escape. Working with Cassandra and Spotted Horse taught me about mutual respect, authenticity, and the power of staying grounded and present in the moment. All this by hanging out with a horse! When we started, I’d barely been around horses at all, ever. Now it’s all I think about! I have returned to the source — recaptured a joy I forgot I had. The experience has been transformational and I’m excited to continue on the path.
— Kim Derby
I grew up riding western, surrounded by cowboys and going to the rodeo. I realized that I wanted to learn to work with horses in a different way, rather than the cowboy way of breaking a horse, as it never sat right with me. Working with Cassandra completely changed my outlook and relationship with horses. I can honestly say that I learned more from Cass in a weekend intensive than I had learned in my entire history with horses. Cassandra has a beautiful way of teaching, she is so wise, intuitive and really knows how to hold space for both the human and horse she is working with. I have discovered an amazing and spiritual partnership with horses. It is more fun and exciting than any riding I’ve ever done and I am constantly learning about horses and myself.
— Sam Sumner, Yoga Teacher
I had suffered from severe panic attacks for years. The job I was working on had horses on set and I noticed that when I was around them, I just felt better, less anxiety. I told a friend about this and she recommended I begin working with Cassandra. Cass changed my life. Not only did my panic attacks lessen, they are now almost completely non-existent. The best part about working with The Reflective Horse is that I see the lessons I’ve learned in the work, play out in my day to day life. I am so grateful to Cassandra for these lifelong tools, and also my new lifelong soul obsession with horses.
— Beth Behrs, Actress, Activist
In 2014, I interned with The Reflective Horse, and had the chance to study with Cassandra, who mentored me to investigate the ineffable and mysterious bond between horse and human. In a way, trying to explain the unexplainable. Cassandra helped me to see the interconnectedness of personal life stories, energy, and the radical answers horses could bring. She taught me to be patient on the ground and find center and balance before I could even think about riding the horse.
I had a chance to see and assist her in her wonderful work with teenagers and recognize the powerful teaching she offers. Since The Reflective Horse and my internship, I never stopped learning about the power of equine interactions and am deeply grateful for Cassandra’s guidance and coaching.
— Tessa de Baudinière, Actress, Horse Woman
Cassandra is a passionate leader committed to working with people and horses, helping them to develop positive self-esteem and effective communication skills. She combines her skills as a leader with her deep understanding of horses, offering people an opportunity to grow their self-awareness at the same time as being guided by the horses to a place of deeper connection with themselves, others and with the earth.
— Anni Townend, Business Psychologist and Author.
Let me be clear about the fact that I am a city dweller with very few encounters with four-legged creatures taller than me. Being an urbanite, I thought humans took hold of the reins and “drove” horses to destinations. Little did I know that a horse could guide ME to where I wanted to go. This special experience gave me some important insights into my own personal journey. It allowed for the luxury of self reflection
— Monica Iannessa, Director of Student Achievement, Palisades Charter High School
I was first drawn to The Reflective Horse by the idea that horse and rider could communicate spirit to spirit rather than by saddle and bit. I had always wanted to ride bareback and bit-less, as well as gain more confidence around horses in general. But after my Level 1 training with Cassandra and my horse Bandit, I realized that I had stumbled upon something so much greater.  What I walked away with from that first weekend was a stronger connection to myself, which then allowed me to communicate with these magnificent creatures.  As I continued training I realized that what I was learning in the arena could be applied to every aspect of my life; work, relationships, hopes, desires, etc. And seeing how my relationship with Bandit blossomed was all the validation I needed. l can’t help but smile when I think about it.
— Sheena Leigh Graves, Actress