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FREE WEBINAR with Cassandra Ogier, Brad Gallup & Sumaya Abuhaidar

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Join us in a conversation exploring how horses point us to the truth that can set us free. How they guide us to a space of deep quiet and presence, and a fully embodied way of being in the world, reflecting our true potential. Listen to the audio recording here:


FREEDOM TO BE: Horses and Universal Wisdom

November 1 - 3, 2019 at Flag Ranch

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A three day retreat exploring how horses point us to an understanding that sets us free.
Relax and allow space to experience your undeniable connection to universal wisdom, through the portal of horses and nature. Cassandra Ogier, Brad Gallup and Sumaya Abuhaider - Certified Equine Guided Educators, Three Principles Practitioners and Transformational Coaches - invite you to explore your true essence with 50 horses on 100 acres of rain-fed grasslands in the Western Sierra foothills, east of San Francisco.

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Please see below for confirmed dates for the TRH® Mastery Program. Dates represent a complete program for participants and are not available for single entry participation.


The Reflective Horse® Mastery Program is a unique education program applying the principles of Equine Guided Empowerment® developed and utilized by Cassandra Ogier during her extensive career as an equine guided facilitator. Participants have the opportunity to develop equine guided facilitation skills through hands-on coursework and mentorship over a 10 month period. Extending the influence of her client focused work, The Reflective Horse® Mastery Program seeks to expand the reach of Cassandra’s practice as well as support other facilitators in bringing the benefits of Equine Guided Empowerment® to their communities.


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2019-2020 Participants, please see the TRH MP master calendar in the on-boarding area for the latest event dates and times.

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In the Spirit of the Horse Adjunct Workshop Link

Equine Guided Empowerment® Private Immersive Retreat

Two or Four Consecutive days with Cassandra Ogier


This Private Immersive Retreat experience is tailored to each individual guest, Cassandra works on the premise that you have everything you need within you to live a balanced, peaceful life of wellbeing and limitless potential. With and around horses, who live fully present in each moment, you explore grounding and centering through somatic experiences designed to re-connect you to your own wisdom and innate knowing. You will explore the nature of thought and the guidance system within you that you can trust and rely on. Whether you are new to horses or experienced, Cassandra mentors from the understanding that horses point us in the direction that can set us free. Typical schedule; Day 1, 1-4pm; Day 2, 10am-1pm / 2pm-4pm; Day 3, 10am-1pm / 3pm-5pm; Day 4, 10am-1pm.

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