It is our true nature as human beings to live in the present moment, to be naturally aware, and to respond from a place of awakened curiosity and innate wisdom. It also seems to be human nature to forget this birth rite and to see ourselves as separate or disconnected from self, our passion and vision. Through the business of our lives, our personal histories, and our entangled thinking, this can appear true, but this is not a reality. At The Reflective Horse, we understand that horses and nature allow us access and guidance to “coming home” to this true nature, and reconnection with the essence of ourselves, beyond the limitations of our personal mind, revealing our connection and relationship to everyone and everything around us.

Our partnership with all horses is one of compassion, patience and presence, fostering a bond of mutual trust and understanding. We believe and attest that no tools, constraints or disciplinary techniques are needed in forming a relationship with a horse. The willingness to see oneself clearly reflected, with courage, honesty and vulnerability allows the horse the freedom to become a willing partner in pointing us inward, toward our true nature.


Horses allow us to experience and access our true nature, minus the masks and social armor that can build up innocently to protect ourselves. The nature of being with horses, requires us to be fully aware; of when we are in the present moment, and when we get caught up in our thinking or personal mind.  Horses speak the language of truth beyond words, bringing us back to what is our nature, what is important and where we want to engage from. At the root of The Reflective Horse’ programs is the knowledge that horses are intensely spiritual beings, residing in the present, with the ability to reflect and reveal the truth of who we are.

Why Horses?

Interacting with horses, we experience nature from an entirely different perspective. A view of the world observed through the unconscious side of the brain. Their innate sensitivity and alertness reads the intention of everything, including the purity of our spirit. We become magnets when we are in touch with this part of our being, letting down our guard and becoming one with the herd. As prey to other beings, horses live entirely in the present, responding naturally when required, and living peacefully in a natural meditation when no action is needed. For hundreds of years the horse has been a presence in the creation of our world. They have carried us and our loads physically as well as spiritually into uncharted territory, beyond our everyday worries and distractions.