It is human nature to want to improve physically, intellectually, and emotionally, and as we mature, we seem to focus naturally on spiritual growth as well, and an answer to the deeper questions of our lives and purpose. This requires new skills that we must learn and practice. We need to build up karmic muscle to turn the breakdowns into breakthroughs. We must become warriors who take up the discipline of spiritual pursuit in earnest.

Our practice with all horses is one of patience, time, focus and consistency, enabling a bond of mutual trust and understanding to evolve. We believe and contest that no tools, equipment or disciplinary techniques are needed in forming a relationship with a horse. The willingness to work on oneself, one’s courage, honesty and vulnerability translate to the horse becoming a willing partner in riding between the worlds.


Horses allow you to see yourself through nature, gaining a sense of your authentic self with clear and true eyes.  At the root of The Reflective Horses’ programs is the knowledge that horses are intensely spiritual beings with the ability to yield truths that are often deeply buried inside. They are willing guides on our journey given we are open to hearing them.

Why Horses?

Interacting with horses we glimpse nature from an entirely different perspective. A view of the world observed through the unconscious side of the brain. Because horses function from the premise of a herd identity, they see relationships as partnerships and allow us to integrate into the herd. For hundreds of years the horse has been a presence in the creation of our world. They can carry us physically and spiritually into uncharted territory, beyond our everyday worries and distractions. Their innate sensitivity and alertness reads the intention of every thing, including the purity of our spirit. The horse is a symbol of transcendence and we have the opportunity to become the Centaur.