Nina Polo Wieja , Co-Founder Voices of The Herd

Nina was born in the last days of a revolution in Nicaragua to a German mother and a Panamanian father who were political activists, so the desire to change what she renders unjust in the world runs deeply in her veins. At age three her family moved to Costa Rica where they lived until she was ten. Then they moved to Berlin, Germany where Nina spent most of her adolescence. Travel is a big part of her life and on one of many journeys she encountered a love that brought her to California. This is where she calls home.

Nina’s love and adoration for horses began when she was only six months old, on her Grandmother’s family ranch. For many years the equestrian world was her happy place – until the innocence with which she experienced this world was eclipsed by the sad reality that most horses, in the competitive equestrian wold, were not treated according to her standards of well-being. Unable to reconcile the unfair treatment of horses, she parted ways with them for many years. Today Nina is unspeakably grateful to be given the opportunity to explore the horse-human connection in a way that is fully aligned with her values and beliefs.