Mosie Trewhitt

From Mosie’s Website:

When I was twelve years old, fate brought me to my soul mate here on earth, a dapple-grey mare named Annie; it was love at first sight. It was not your typical, pairing – a 12 and 3 year old new to the equestrian world. We had no trainer to tell us how to be together, so instead we learned from each other.

When I was a bit older, I was exposed to more of the “traditional” horse world when I started taking an interest in jumping and dressage. At first, I was looked down upon for my gentle approach to horsemanship and lack of traditional training. Meanwhile, I felt very uncomfortable about what I was seeing at the barn and in lessons. I started to question the methods we were using to control the horses we love and really ask myself: are these horses happy?

I also noticed that most people did not have the relationship they were looking for with their horses. Something was missing, leaving the horses feel unheard and the humans feeling unfulfilled. All of these realizations made me question my own methods with Annie. As I peeled back the layers and started to see the force I was using, I went through a bit of an identity crisis questioning everything and dropping all force looking for another way of relating to horses.

With the guidance of Annie and other horses, my horsemanship transformed into what I now call “Liberty Horsemanship”. I teach lessons, clinics, and workshops to horse lovers looking to deepen their relationship and connection with the horses in their lives, by giving horses choice and voice.

It has been a dream of mine to ask the question: what is the nature of the horse/human relationship when all force, coercion, and desire to use the other is out of the question? I am so grateful for the opportunity to maybe find an answer with the incredible horses at the sanctuary – wild horses who are free to choose and live as they please.