Carla Preiss

Carla has had horses in her life as far back as she can remember. It all began with riding Icelandic ponies bareback through the German countryside. Later in high school, Carla briefly competed in 3-day eventing, but soon realized that the traditional style of training and riding was incredibly restrictive for both horse and rider. She began to explore the horse-human relationship in a deeper sense, and went on to study Ecopsychology & Equine Guided Education and Therapy at Fairhaven College, and practiced equine guided coaching and therapy with guidance from Ariana Strozzi and Cassandra Ogier.

In 2015, Carla was gifted her first horse, Frankie. This is where her path of studying ‘Being with horses...’ with Sabine Birmann began. The philosophy opened her eyes to the restrictive and subjugating nature of most commonly used training methods, and how deeply these affect the horses. It also allowed her to see, and begin to understand, what it means to be in an authentic relationship with a horse, and to truly honor them as sentient beings.

Carla has since committed to a path of self-development for the sake of the horse, instead of at the cost of their wellbeing and autonomy. She continues her studies of the “Being with horses...” philosophy by attending yearly intensive courses with Sabine Birmann, and through the daily insights and lessons gifted to her by her equine teacher and friend, Frankie. Carla is passionate about changing the conventional perception and discourse around the horse-human relationship, and is dedicated to facilitating conversations and creating spaces where these shifts in perspective can take place.