Tessa de Baudinière

Intern 2015

Tessa de Baudinière is an actress and student of The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in Los Angeles, CA. She joins TRH® team as an intern.

Tessa strongly believes in the power of recovery and discovery of the inner-self through the Arts and natural therapy. She is particularly interested in TRH Somatic Riding as a way to develop awareness, instincts and authenticity. In 2014, when she was studying acting and learning “The Method,” created by Lee Strasberg, she searched for a way to link her two passions; the arts and horses.

Tessa grew up between Paris and Brittany, France where she studied arts and literature at the Sorbonne. She climbed on a horse’s back for the first time at the age of 3. As a youth she competed in dressage, show jumping and eventing and has since tutored students as well as teaching languages. Tessa believes that horses have helped to ground her, her whole life. She sees her internship at TRH® as part of the development of her independent artistic project, finding a way to share how the combination of horses and the arts can support and help others on their path of discovery.