Tess Baur

CEGE, Intern 2014

Tess completed a one-year internship with TRH®, assisting on programs and studying TRH Somatic Riding®. She is a Certified Equine Guided Educator, CEGE, through Sky Horse Ranch, California. With a life long passion for nature and agriculture, she believes and encourages life in connection with the natural world. She’s worked extensively on organic farms in Canada, California and Switzerland, growing food and raising farm animals. These experiences have shaped her appreciation for the world and the cycle of life. 

Most recently, Tess completed an internship season at Zapata Ranch, Colorado, a 103,000-acre Nature Conservancy Preserve and working bison, cattle and guest ranch. Tess continues her studies through The Reflective Horse with focus on TRH Somatic Riding®. She is also a musician, songwriter and blues singer. Above all, Tess holds an emphasis on gratitude toward nature and horses, giving her the life changing and transformative lessons, which she is proud to share with clients.