Maile Villablanca
1707_REFLECTIVE_HORSE_ 0006.jpg

Intern 2017

Maile has ridden horses on and off since she was a kid, and is trained in both Western and Dressage riding. Since she was young, she has always been enamored with any and all animals, and has nurtured her bond with them in a variety of ways. She has worked in Veterinary offices since she was 14, and has done everything from assisting the vet with procedures to overseeing the basic care of the animals. Horses, however, have always been Maile’s favorite, and she jumped at the opportunity to work closely with them through The Reflective Horse®.

The Reflective Horse® has gone a long way in rekindling her love of animals, teaching her to care for large animals, in addition to teaching to her lessons about herself. One of the first things Maile learned when she started working with the horses was how to set boundaries through which she has formed relationships built on mutual respect and says that this knowledge has transferred to all aspects of her life. 

Currently, Maile is taking her General Education classes at Santa Monica College. She has not yet decided on a career path, but hopes to find a way to incorporate her love of animals into her work.