Phu Nakphairat

Intern 2016

Phusita (Phu) Nakphairat was an intern and our Animal Husbandry Specialist from 2016-2017. She grew up in a small country town in Thailand and earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from the well-known Thammasat University in Bangkok. She has been passionate about animals since her childhood and decided to pursue a career with animals since coming to the United States a few years ago. She is currently a full-time student at Pierce College where she is studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Equine Science. Along with her study, Phu volunteers at the Best Friends Animal Society and Pierce College Farm, gaining medical knowledge and practical skills in animal medicine.  Phu believes in taking good care of animals by applying both her love and her comprehension of animal psychology and science. She is astounded by the extraordinary influence animals can have on human being’s health and happiness.