Genevieve Aer

Intern 2017

Genevieve grew up by the Black Sea in Odessa, Ukraine, later moving to Moscow, Russia before permanently moving to US at 10 years old. Gen’s parents say she fell in love with horses when she was just three years old, when she let go of her grandma's hand and was found holding onto the mane of a black horse, peacefully grazing tied to a tree. She had her first ride that day, and never looked back.

Having moved frequently as a child growing up in US and attending 11 different schools, she got to experience all kinds of horse barns and trainer styles. Trained in show-jumping and dressage, her focus has always been on her personal relationship and understanding of horses. When Genevieve started working, she leased her first Arabian, and taught herself how to ride and jump bareback. 

Genevieve studied at UW-Milwaukee and received degrees in Journalism and Psychology. She had the opportunity to volunteer at Stepping Stone Farms, providing equine therapy for children in foster care and veterans of war. Having had little stability in her young life, Genevieve says that “horses have always given me peace of mind, and the steady encouragement to stay grounded.” She is excited to share this gift of peace and patience with others and is now taking the opportunity to learn and grown through her internship at TRH®.