Dawn Horwitz-Person

LMFT, Psychotherapist

Dawn is a LMFT and has a private practice specializing in the treatment of survivors and offenders of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Starting her career in the early 90’s, she has developed a very unique treatment program, working with individuals, families and groups to heal trauma.. Her pioneering work has been recognized by OPRAH, Anderson Cooper, CNN and many publications and news stations, as an expert in the field. In treating survivors, Dawn also saw the need to treat offenders. With her 360 degree philosophy in addressing the societal symptom of sexual violence, she has now treated over 2000 offenders. By working with people who have offended; the victims, parents, spouses and families, she has become a more well-rounded therapist and has gained a deeper understanding of all the dynamics of sexual abuse to further assist survivors.  

As Dawn discovered the amazing healing powers of horses, over the last few years she combined her personal love of horses with her treatment program. Her workshops are geared towards teaching people to be more present in each moment, re-evalutating healthy relationships and enabling accountable choices in life. Dawn joins The Reflective Horse® team as our Overseeing Mental Health Professional as well as Equine Therapist and facilitator on SheHerdPower programs.