Anna Elledge

Communications Liasion, Creative Admin, Equine Assistant

Anna was raised in Santa Barbara, California and grew up passionate about animals and outdoor life. After a high school internship at a veterinary hospital dissuaded her from a career in animal medicine, she attended San Francisco State University where she earned a degree in News Journalism. From there she moved to New York to pursue a career in photography and production.

In the last six years Anna developed a special interest for horses. Working firsthand with these wonderful creatures, she volunteered at several barns before living and working on the 89,000-acre Chico Basin Cattle Ranch in Colorado as photography intern, and then as a ranch-hand in New Mexico. She came back to Los Angeles with a need to continue her connection with horses and nature.

Anna soon found The Reflective Horse® and was immediately attracted to its unique approach to the horse-human relationship. She brings together her passion for these majestic beings, and her creative eye and production expertise to The Reflective Horse® team. She intends to continue her learning and career as an independent photographer as she takes on the role of motherhood to her son born in 2016.