Team old

The Reflective Horse team represents a unique combination of professional experience, passion for nature and horses as well as an innate understanding and appreciation for the connection between horse and human. In addition to our human team members, the herd is an integral part of The Reflective Horse team with each horse bringing a unique personality and energy to the group.  Combined, these skills are what enable The Reflective Horse to provide impactful programs that have a lasting effect on people’s lives.

The Herd

Spotted Horse

A paint draft/quarter horse gelding, Spotted Horse is the herd alpha providing a strong assertive presence that is clear, independent, demands respect and has the trust of the herd.


A paint quarter horse and lead mare, Java provides a beautiful and graceful presence that is at once calm, loving, sensitive and kind, emphasizing interdependence among the group.


A paint quarter horse gelding with a playful, curious, and at times mischievous nature.  He is also a vigilant, good-natured herd member, currently sharing a strong bond with Chief Raincloud.

Mighty Tuff Spirit

A paint quarter horse gelding, Mighty Tuff is affectionate, relaxed, warm, vulnerable, friendly, reflective, and amenable.



A grey quarter horse gelding, Gringo is also the herd’s elder member providing a shy, tentative, and quiet yet supportive, reassuring and reliable presence.


Chief Raincloud

A paint appendix gelding, Chief is highly receptive and welcoming, providing a steady, curious, gentle presence


A brown mammoth donkey and mare, Margarita is the herd’s only donkey and is headstrong and willful, however also brings a loving, humorous, wistful, contemplative and resilient energy to group.