Somatic Reprogramming®
Cassandra is a passionate leader committed to working with people and horses, helping them to develop positive self-esteem and effective communication skills. She combines her skills as a leader with her deep understanding of horses, offering people an opportunity to grow their self-awareness at the same time as being guided by the horses to a place of deeper connection with themselves, others and with the earth.
— Anni Townend, Business Psychologist and Author, Assertiveness & Diversity

Somatic Reprogramming®

Somatic Reprogramming® is a holistic authentication process for the body, mind and spirit, developed by Cassandra Ogier.

Through somatic exercises aligned with herd structure and non-verbal communication of our horse partners, participants are able to strengthen their centered presence.  This centered presence enables them to make decisions for themselves and others based on the truth of what is happening in the moment, rather than trauma based responses associated with past experience.

Our bodies hold stored memory of trauma, shame and oppression. When we challenge ourselves through certain movements associated with claiming our individual right to space, boundary setting and honoring our inner wisdom, we release the need to protect, defend, prove or dissociate. The action of our bodies shows us our true, genuine and valid potential thus allowing the ability to stay grounded and authentic, whilst being able to perceive and hear the needs of others, a group or herd without compromise to oneself.

Somatic Reprogramming® verifies the identity of our true nature, intuition and somatic presence through embodied action and reflective association with the structure of a horse herd. Talking and thinking our way to life changes alone does not work. We offer a holistic, embodied approach to changing our actions and reactions to support our empowered leadership and direction in the world.


Program Details:

Group Programs:

2 Consecutive Days; 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Private Individual

2 Consecutive Days; Day 1, 1:00pm - 4:00 pm / Day 2, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Northern California Foothills


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