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The Reflective Horse was founded in 2010 by Cassandra Ogier and has since evolved to provide a range of Equine related programs, services and retreats across the globe.

Our inspiring programs combine to support opportunities for personal growth and development of limitless potential. 

We pride ourselves on our pioneering initiative in creating and providing conscious equine therapeutic programs that honor the spirit of both horse and human. As with all healing modalities, the practitioner may become weary and burnt-out if self-care is not considered forefront of choice. After decades of work experience with horses in numerous roles, we hold our healing horses' quality of life sacred. By actively creating engaging teachings where our horse partners are free to fully expresses their power and natural sovereignty without fear of subjugation or control, the human can, in turn, learn to become their best-self reflected in this majesty. Led by Cassandra, our expert team are dedicated to their own individual education and exploration of the spiritual freedom of horses.

TRH advises and manages on-site Equine Interactive Services for educational and treatment centers, as well as providing Program Development and Facilitation on impactful equine out-reach programs.

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Los Angeles area, Northern California foothills, Costa Rica.