TRH® Certification Program

The Reflective Horse® Certification is a unique education program applying the principles of Equine Guided Empowerment® developed and utilized by Cassandra Ogier during her extensive career as an equine guided facilitator. Participants have the opportunity to develop equine guided facilitation skills through hands-on coursework and mentorship over a 10 month period.  

Extending the influence of her client focused work, The Reflective Horse® Certification program seeks to expand the reach of Cassandra’s practice as well as support other facilitators in bringing the benefits of Equine Guided Empowerment® to their communities.   Her approach to equine guided facilitation breaks new ground in working with horses to encourage personal development and therapeutic breakthroughs.   Moving away from traditional models that tend toward subjugation and control of the horse and have characterized equine therapy over the last decade, Equine Guided Empowerment®  is rooted in the concept of  free beings, horses and humans, joining together in partnership to achieve awareness, understanding and insight.

For more on Equine Guided Empowerment®, please visit the program detail page.

The certification program is segmented into three immersive 7 day modules and supplemented through a series of exceptional guest lectures and hands-on coaching with Cassandra to ensure that certification brings a rounded understanding of Equine Guided Empowerment® from the inside out.  The end result is an understanding of not only the practice, but the means by which each facilitator can apply their unique individuality  to their professional work.

Module 1

Individuals will be encouraged to experience the insights derived from Equine Guided Empowerment® first-hand through an immersive 7 day experience at Flag Ranch in California.

Module 2

A deeper understanding of the concepts that guide Equine Guided Empowerment® are explored in detail with a focus on the horse-client experience and program arc.  Participants are encouraged to explore their innate wisdom as a facilitator and how their practice can be evolved to align with their experience, interests, and personalities. 


Module 3

Participants will develop their own program and put the principles acquired over the previous months to practice in a guest-invited debut under Cassandra’s guidance.  Basic business development and management acumen will also be covered to ensure that graduates are fully prepared to move forward with program development as well as the ability to manage their business.

Additional / ongoing support through the certification process:

  • Engage with like-minded equine guided and liberty based facilitators and coaches through group webinars

  • Monthly Q&A webinars with Cassandra on participant led topics

  • One 1hr 1:1 mentorship session with Cassandra between module 1 and 2.

  • Resources and support in the form of reading materials, videos, and study guides

  • Private online access to all webinar and guest-speaker recordings 

  • Private online participant group forum via Facebook - including continued community access post-certification

  • Internship placement support and hands-on experience guidance between modules as needed

  • Optional post certification follow-up support / mentorship on request


Additional detail including 2019/2020 dates and locations coming soon to our events page.

Admission to the program is determined based on pre-qualifying criteria and a 1:1 interview with program founder Cassandra Ogier.  Review the following pre-requisites carefully prior to applying. Please note that hands-on experience with horses is required.

  • Minimum of 3 years hands-on experience with horses in a personal, educational or professional capacity / study or certification in natural-horsemanship

  • Education or certification in the equine guided facilitation field

  • Coaching or mental health professional experience / qualification

  • Education/study in psychology / communications / human development 


Application and additional program detail coming soon. Please email if you wish to be notified when additional materials are available.