Somatic Riding®
I loved the Somatic Riding that Cassandra has to offer. I cultivated an important connection to a divine creature and most importantly a powerful connection to myself, body and intuition. Being able to always stay grounded, centered, and present was a true test when working with Mighty Tuff Spirit. If I weren’t fully present and aware of the direction of my leadership, MTS would simply not follow. This experience was priceless. I’m so grateful I had such an amazing and powerful teacher! I always felt safe to ride the edges of my comfort and Cassandra was a big reason why I allowed myself to trust myself so much!
— Ix-Chel Sandivel, Divine Feminine Empowerment coach

The TRH Somatic Riding® program teaches bareback and bitless riding skills in a program created and pioneered by The Reflective Horse founder, Cassandra Ogier.  This program builds a partnership between horse and human based on mutual trust and understanding and, focused on the fundamentals of this relationship, each student develops a bond with one horse. This is done by developing the somatic senses of the body, learning ground-work and energy techniques with the horse, and uniting the two at the appropriate time with a riding experience.

The program develops skills for relating with the horse and enhances focus and attention to body language, non-verbal communication, and emotional and physical balance. Students learn how to ‘listen’ to what the horse is communicating to them, learning the language of mind whispering through the utilization of intuition and perception. 


Level 1 Fundamentals:

Learn the sensate language of horses, non-verbal communication, deepen connection, build confidence around and with horses, ground-work skills, trust intuition and perception, become partners.

Level 2 Intermediate:

Explore somatic balance on and off the horse, transform your riding relationship, enhance authentic leadership, experience increased levels of mutual trust & understanding.

Level 3 Advanced:

Hone skills, master your somatic presence, challenge levels of trust and control, explore your edges, see the horse as a mirror of your emotional terrain, ride free.

Program Details:


Individual / Private


6 Session Packages

Session Length:

1 hr Session per Week (preferred)

Other Information:

3-day, Level 1, 2 & 3 workshops and private weekend intensives as well as week-long group retreats available.  Please contact for information or see the Events page for upcoming workshops. No previous riding experience is necessary. Please contact us if you would like to host a workshop.

Please contact us for more information or  a quote.