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I had been drawn toward working with Cassandra ever since I met her through The Reflective Horse. Her grounded and relatable presence made it easy for me to feel comfortable around her, and I opened up right away. As a coach and a mentor, she provided just the right amount of guidance– actively listening & reflecting back my own hidden answers– that previous to working with Cassandra, I just couldn’t see. Her ability to show up and truly be present with me (whether in person, on the phone, or over Skype) is a feeling I’ve rarely felt with other mentors in my past. In conversations with her there is always real depth, however there’s also a lightness about it all– and nestled in there is this sweet spot that really resonates with me.
— Audrey Helow Daniel, Soul Equine, Oregon

With over twenty five years experience in the field of personal development and change facilitation, and a lifetime exploring connection, relationship and freedom through being with horses, Cassandra offers personal coaching, supporting you in remembering your true nature and reconnection to your own wisdom and naturally guided path. Cassandra works on the premise that each individual has all the knowledge inside them to lead a joyful, present and productive life. She is excited to accompany her clients in finding their own way.


Cassandra recently visited my ranch to coach me in launching my own Equine Guided Education program. Our time together was brief but delightful, profound, and supportive. Cassandra brought 110% of her attention and her vast experience to our work/play together. She embodied a quality of listening, and a capacity to see my unique gifts to support my dream of starting my own practice. In the twenty-four hours we spent together we entered the “quantum field,” connecting in a way that seemed to melt time and space, allowing us to cover an unimaginable amount of territory. Most importantly, because of her support, I look forward with confidence to launching my offering in Equine Guided Education to the world.
— Ellie Insley, CEGE, Rainbow Reach, Sebastopol.
I started working with Cassandra as an intern at TRH in 2015. Under her guidance I was able to develop my skills in facilitating equine assisted coaching sessions for youth and adults. Cassandra also created space for me to explore my relationship with horses, and how I could be with them in a way that fostered relationships based on trust and communication. Her guidance was empowering and reassured me that I was on the right path in my learning and self-development.
Whilst working as a full-time facilitator for TRH after I graduated with a BA in Ecopsychology & Animal-Guided Education & Therapy, Cassandra encouraged me to take on responsibilities that steadily pushed me to become more confident and secure in my facilitation and business practices. Cassandra has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in guiding individuals on their path towards a career in the field of equine guided education and animal assisted therapy. I highly value the guidance I have received from her over the years.
— Carla Preiss, CEGE, Washington

It can be challenging to navigate options when exploring an equine guided path. Cassandra offers Mentorship to those seeking to discover and develop their own equine guided career; as equine guided facilitator, educator, therapist, and/or business owner. Mentoring continues to be a passion of Cassandra’s, having supported a steady stream of interns on their equine and animal related careers over a decade. Cassandra will delightedly support you on the path that fits your aspirations and goals within the emerging field of horse as partner, guide and healer. If you are looking for an internship to support your learning, Cassandra works with you to find a placement through her equine connections world-wide.

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As a Clinician and developer of the highest quality Mental Health and Addiction treatment, it is critical to me that the components of the care we offer are highly structured, clinically driven, yet flexible enough to meet the needs of adolescent clients struggling with an array of Addiction and Mental health issues and past trauma that leave them vulnerable as well as fluid in their emotional and physical response to the challenges they face in treatment. For this reason, when looking at equine therapy, it was critical to us that the practitioner and the program were developed in such a way that could accommodate our clientele in a safe and therapeutic manner.
Cassandra and the Reflective Horse team worked side by side with me to develop and maintain a state of the art Equine program, and one that developed WITH us, training the treatment center staff to integrate with her own, at our pace, and in line with my clinical values and expectations. I highly reccomend Cassandra and the Reflective Horse and look forward to implementing her program in future centers.
— Mendi Baron, LCSW CEO, Ignite Teen Treatment

Cassandra’s experience spans over a decade as business owner, director and leader in the field of equine guided empowerment and education, providing equine therapeutic services to residential treatment centers for youth and adults in the Los Angeles area as well as coaching for individuals, families, corporate and leadership groups. She has lead and guided teams of equine specialist & equine therapist professionals, facilitating multiple programs at numerous locations. Cassandra has always had a passion for creating, collaborating and sharing knowledge and thus developed the concepts of Somatic Riding®, Equine Guided Empowerment™ and Somatic Reprogramming™, to complement the growing field of change and healing through experiences in nature. She is inspired to offer her expertise to others to broaden the availability of equine therapeutic programs world-wide.

Her most recent program start-up’s include: creation and management of the first on-site Equine Therapy & Somatic Riding® Program in Southern California, (2014) for youth in residential treatment for substance abuse & mental health challenges, and co-founding SheHerdPower with Beth Behrs, (2016) offering survivors of sexual assault and abuse access to Equine Guided Empowerment™ experiences free of charge.

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