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Horse Wisdom & Embodied Spirit, Costa Rica

January 12 - 19, 2019


Fully unplug, and deepen your awareness through the spirit of the horse. On this week-long, off-the-grid, restorative retreat, Cassandra will guide you on a journey of curiosity and exploration with a small band of Criollo horses. Tuning into your true nature and the connection that is always available, you experience grounding through somatic practice and immersion with the herd, settling your personal mind and allowing the space for wisdom and fresh perspective to naturally arise, from the inside, out. Alya is a unique retreat center set in the jungle of Guanacaste Province, in the area of San Juanillo on the North Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica. Each Casita and furniture has been hand-built from wood harvested on the land by our host Shlomo, and for every tree cut, a fruit tree has been planted. Alya encourages an "off the grid" experience, with nature as its backdrop. With wholesome and delicious food freshly prepared daily, and often grown on the land, ocean swimming and walks, expect to restore, rebalance and be nourished in body, mind and spirit. No previous experience with horses is necessary. There is no riding involved, only on-the-ground interactions. Contact for information and registration


Bareback & Bitless, Costa Rica, 2019

Summer Wait list is now open!


Imagine an incredible week immersed in the beauty of the jungle, exploring the mountains, waterfalls and beaches of Costa Rica, bareback & bit-less from a place of grounded clarity and somatic presence with your horse partner. Join us for this illuminating and uplifting journey into embodied spirit on this summer’s retreat with Cassandra, creator of Somatic Riding® and Equine Guided Empowerment™. On this exclusive retreat, Cass and the Criollo horses of Equisol guide you on a unique discovery through the clear, unbiased feedback of the horse. Through this magical portal, we invite you to spend time exploring your potential in nature. Daily yoga, your own horse partner for the week, inspiring conversation, stunning accommodations, fresh local food and more. Click on the link for details here


Equine Guided Empowerment & Somatic Reprogramming® 

Private 2 Day Sessions | From April 2019 at Flag Ranch


Private one-to-one experiences tailored individually to each guest. Cassandra guides you though personal empowerment techniques with horses at liberty. These sessions include ground-work, energy techniques, and somatic exercises aligned with herd dynamics, designed to embody our own sense of grounded presence, understand your individual right to space and unite with your horse at the appropriate time with a bareback riding experience. As ideas of control and ‘horse as vehicle’ fade, we arrive at the opportunity for new perspective on what true partnership means. Do horses truly wish to partner without us forcing our will over theirs? How do we navigate this fresh, new relationship? Whether you are a beginner or an expert with horses, Cassandra will support you in your exploration with horses, and yourself.

2 Consecutive days; Day 1, 1.00pm - 4.00pm / Day 2, 10.00am - 1.00pm

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