Equine Therapy
Cassandra is a passionate leader committed to working with people and horses, helping them to develop positive self-esteem and effective communication skills. She combines her skills as a leader with her deep understanding of horses, offering people an opportunity to grow their self-awareness at the same time as being guided by the horses to a place of deeper connection with themselves, others and with the earth.
— Anni Townend, Business Psychologist and Author, Assertiveness & Diversity

Equine Interactive Therapy utilizes hands-on, nature-based philosophy at its core.  Since 2007, The Reflective Horse has provided Equine Therapeutic programs to aid in recovery processes including mental & emotional health challenges, drug and alcohol addiction, learning difficulties, PTSD and relationship issues. Participants work with a licensed Mental Health Professional, a Certified Equine Specialist, and one or more herd members to identify key emotional health concerns and define a path to treatment and recovery.   

Horses provide deft partnership in the process of self exploration and discovery. They serve as compassionate, non-judgmental guides through the therapeutic process.  Their continuous biofeedback is often the source of tremendous breakthroughs, allowing participants to redefine their sense of self as well as their relationships.

Working with horses in therapy for teenagers has shown positive results in helping overcome dysfunctional life patterns and issues. Horses act as a mirror, reflecting back to people the negative and counterproductive behavioral, communication, and problem-solving approaches they may have employed in their lives. Teens learn to develop healthier ways of interacting and cooperating with others through this powerful nature-based modality.

The Reflective Horse also designs and facilitates on-site Equine Therapy & TRH Somatic Riding Programs and Management Services for treatment centers in Southern California, supporting teens and adults in overcoming emotional challenges.


Program Details:


Individual / Private


6 Session Packages: customizable based on goals 

Session Length:

1 hr per Session


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