Equine Interactive Coaching
Let me be clear about the fact that I am a city dweller with very few encounters with four-legged creatures taller than me. Being an urbanite, I thought humans took hold of the reins and “drove” horses to destinations.  Little did I know that a horse could guide ME to where I wanted to go. This special experience gave me some important insights into my own personal journey. It allowed for the luxury of self-reflection
— Monica Iannessa, Director of Student Services, Palisades Charter High School

Equine Interactive Coaching provides the opportunity for groups and individuals to explore communication and leadership skills in partnership with horses from the ground.   Whether you are an individual looking to further explore your inner-self, goals and or life path, or a group looking to better understand team dynamics, Equine Interactive Coaching can assist in identifying strengths and growth areas that can change the way you see yourself and your role in the world.

The Equine Interactive Coaching Program is the culmination of over 15 years of experience focusing on communication skills and conflict resolution.  Horses are ideal mediums for coaching, providing honest, non-judgmental feedback, responding to authenticity and cutting through layers and blocks that mask our true selves and our unrealized potential.  Many program participants discover higher levels self realization and awareness, resulting in stronger life balance and serenity.


Program Details


Individual / Private


6 Session Packages; customizable based on goals 

Session Length

1 hr per Session

Other Information:

No riding experience required, all sessions take place on the ground.


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